DziobasPlayer.exe reported as Malware

I’m running DziobasPlayer to play video from rar files without the need of extraction the video file inside. It has been running smoothly until I found that CIS (AV+FW) has removed the .exe file when I tried to play a video file inside rar files a few minutes ago. I would like to attach the file to the thread but it was deleted and I can not redownload it (CIS denies my access to the file).
Below is the link to the software’s website:

I’d really like to know if there’re any good reason to block or treat this application as malware. My other PCs use this software as well but the AV application on them does not see this software as a threat.

I hope there’s a work around otherwise I’ll have to opt for another stand-alone AV than Comodo AV.

Thanks !

Hello naeco!

This is probably not a virus, pleas report this in here:

Give the link to the homepage and tell comodo a little what the program does.

And if it is a FP it will be fixed in a few days. =)