Dynamic dns problem (Attack)

i recently i talked with Triston from geekbuddy about dynamic dns address. What i mean is No-ip and other sites which transfer the ip into fake ip to help the hacker to hide from the attacked pc. This is helpful for firewall programs to warn the users because probably all no-ips are hackers. but when i tried that with Comodo, it showed me only the Ip address of the person who attacked me. this is not helpful because it might not be an attack. the only way to recoginezed this attack is by the port, and its hard for a starter. However, i tried other programs to show you the difference.

for example this is Online armor, i runned the program (which is hacking program) and it showed me the no-ip address
here is the picture

as you can see online armor showed me the ip address of the hacker as no-ip and the real ip of him

what i want comodo to do is only this, because i cant use online armor its outdated and i want a good firewall thats why i recommend comodo

I believe what you are requesting is essentially the same as that which has already been requested in this Wish Request and forwarded to the devs for consideration. Would you agree?


yeah totally, this request is from march and comodo still not making this feature available ?!

Wishes are not fulfilled immediately, and in fact Comodo may choose to not implement it. However, it has been submitted to them for consideration, which is the best I can do at the moment.

As this has already been submitted I will therefore move this report to Resolved.

Thank you.