My poor brother needs help~~
My brother is in army—having a very dull life. He likes watching Stargate SG-1. So he asked me to send him the item. But I’m really a little busy. I have to ask for help here to know that whether there is a dvd sales web which can send the item directly to my brother? I heard of DVDSETSHOP. Is it OK?


Do not post bumps unless its necessary and important. Gezz. Seems like an ok site to me. Never know till you buy something from them.

You’d be a strict mod. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, it may be important to leftswing22.

Do you see modder by my name. No. I am Vettetech. Leader of the rebels. Bow to me.

All hail Vette (:CLP) !ot!

You got some competition.


Well it certainly isn’t from a little boy like you Josh. (:KWL)

LOL We will see…

I would rather have a mod than a rebel. :wink: (:NRD) (:TNG)

A mods job is to help mainly with Comodo issues. Not helping people to see if a web site is good to buy from. I would rather have somebody not bump threads that aren’t important. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Let’s not fight. look’s like Vette’s spoiling for one to me, remember he has not been around for a while,
and you all are giving him the bait.

IMHO As a moderator our job is to help with forum issues. As a forum member it is a moderators job to help with COMODO issues.

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