DVD burning failure because of COMODO

Im using VSO copytodvd and after every burn session the error “log file cant be saved” appears and the media becomes useless. This started happening after Ive installed the newest version of COMODO firewall and COMODO Anti virus. When I close both the programs the burn session is completed, but when I leave one alive the burn fails.

whats happening?

You must of denied an alert.

ok how do I fix it?

Open CFP, click Defense+ and go to Advanced->Computer Security Policy and find the VSO copytodvd file. Double-click and choose Access Rights. If something says Block, change it to Allow (if something’s blocked).


My guess would be to find the program in Defense+, advanced, computer security policy, double click on the application and treat it as a trusted app.

thanks much, Ill get some writeables tomorrow to test.

Ive tried but I still get the log file cant be saved problem

You might want to give DVD Flick a go. I only use it for Burning movies to DVD and it is far better than using nero which I was using prior to DVD Flick


I have WinXP SP2 CFP installed and I am not having any problems whatsoever burning movies to DVD. which my PC has been doing approximately 12 hours a day for the past week.

DVD Flick is compatible with Vista incase you have Vista so should work,
just make sure when you install it that you choose to set it as a Trusted Application and click remember me and just incase check that IMGburn.exe is a trusted application in the firewall advanced policy and Defense+ computer security Policy.

whatever software your using that might be the problem, the actual burning exe file may not be set in each policy. I can’t check my firewall right now to let you know which all policies it needs to be in cause I have a movie burning to disk and my CPU% is at 100%. so would take ages to check cause of the lag

Im using windows xp sp2. still nothing. the program is VSO copytodvd for files and VSO convertxtodvd.

By default I don’t use logging at all (CopyToDvd Settings=>Event Logging=>Save Logs). You can try this as workaround.

I was just able to check DVD Flick and IMGBrun.exe the actual file that does the burning both needs to be valid entries as either custom policy ot trusted application in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy and also Defense+/Advanced/Computer Secuirty Policy

so if you give DVD Flick a go you’d be best having a quick look in them policies to make sure they are there and will not cause any burn failures.

whatever DVD burning software your using I don’t know but it should be the same deal, even nero would be the same the software Nero and the burning.exe file whatever it would be called would need to be set in both Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy and also Defense+/Advanced/Computer Secuirty Policy

hope this helps

Have you tried leaving CAV or CFP (firewall and D+) on and the other off to try and see if one or the other is causing a conflict?


Im using windows xp sp2. still nothing. the program is VSO copytodvd for files and VSO convertxtodvd.

I heard of them two programs when I was looking around for alternative DVD burning softwares and tools.

I remember reading they both give some users issues with different installed softwares and configurations.
from what i have learnt myself some software might work fine with no problems even if they are a bit buggy and then suddenly when you install CFP 3 its when they are likely to cause problems.

for instance I had Lock Folder XP 3.6 on my computer and never had any probs, the program seemed a bit buggy but still it worked and so did my computer, then i installed CFP 3 and my computer began to have startup problems and various programs began to not work, I uninstalled Lock folder XP 3.6 and tried another program like it called Hide Folders XP.
the problem was resolved, it turned out that Lock Folder XP 3.6 just needs an update to fix whatever bug its got that becomes a problem when CFP 3 is running.

I’m sorry I can’t help much, hopefully someone will come along who will know exactly whats going on and be able to help with the problem you have with the DVD software correctly logging the results of the burn when done

yes i did, and either option still left me with the error. ill try to follow the workaround after I clean my drives of [things], apparently some [things] got in when I tried to find out which comodo program was responsible, without disconnecting my modem first.

Ive permanently disabled proactive defense but I still get the Log File Error