Duplicated rules

Please look at the attached picture. The last rule for LuCom Server was in place. I got a popup and allowed the popup with the save option. This is when the second rule appeared. It seems to me the rules are the same. Yes, the parent and everything else are exactly the same for both rules. Should Comodo be doing this?

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No those ‘Rules’ are not the same.

Do this;
Application: LuComServer_2_7.exe
Destination: Any
Port: Any
Protocol: TCP/UDP OUT
Permission/Action: Allow


I was not concerned about LuCom making a connection. I was just wondering why Comodo makes duplicate rules. Is this a bug?


  • I thought I just answered that?
  • Look at both 'Destination IP and Destination Port" on there.
    If the “Port #” isn’t on the allowed list … CPF pops out
    If the “IP # / IP range” isn’t on the list… CPF pops out

An easy way is to use -“Any”- on both Source & Destination. Except you really do know the exact IP/Port # (Destination). On your case you don’t, that’s why It keeps poping out. But this is -not- a bug.


Please look at the picture. The Destination port is the same and the Ip address is the same.

You have “not” lined out. I thought you meant that they were the same.