Duplicate URLs in Comodo Dragon

When I open the Comodo Dragon Bbrowser and copy the URL and paste it somewhere else two URLs show up. Here is an example: Comodo Forum
Comodo Forum

I copied and pasted the URL for the page for this forum. Does this mean that there is another hidden browser opened? Is my browser being hijacked? Please help!!

I will try uninstalling and re-installing and see if that helps.

Hi psylock,
Please let us know if a re-install helped?


I did an uninstall and re-install of Comodo Dragon and the problem was not resolved, so I uninstalled it.

Hi psylock,
Dragons user profile maybe still present after uninstall.
Trying the portable version could eliminate any user profile issues.
Portable Version

This is the second time I have seen this happen with this release, it would be good to find out the cause.


I downloaded the portable version and still have the duplicate URLs. Also during instillation when asked if I wanted to import settings from my default browser I said “NO” to everything but plugins were imported from my Mozilla Firefox browser, are they supposed to be imported automatically?

Hi psylock,
Regarding the duplicate URLs, sorry I have no idea what is happening.

Extensions are browser specific, but plugins are system wide.
Plugins are not imported, but in fact CD is picking up on the system plugins.

Kind regards.

Do two url’s show up in one the address bar or do two tabs get opened? It does not reproduce on my system.


Do you have any clipboard managers installed? Does the issue only reproduce in Dragon or in other browsers as well?
Have you tried using the “Copy” and “Paste” functions from the context menu or the keyboard shortcuts? Also, does the issue reproduce when you use “Cut”?
Does the issue reproduce for other text inside the browser as well ? (text from webpages).

You should also scan your computer with some security software as it is never a bad idea.


What is a clipboard manager?

The issue does not occur with any other browsers, I tried it with Firefox, Internet Explorer, and IceDragon. The issue does occur when I use cut and paste.
The issue does not reproduce with text from the webpage.
I scanned with ESET online scanner, nothing found.