Duplicate finder

This one still needs some work. There should be options for filename/checksum/byte-for-byte comparison as well as a way to limit the search by directories and/or file types. Minimum and maximum file size limits would be nice too (0-byte files should be skipped by default).

This is kinda advanced but in Vista most of it’s files are hard links, i.e. what looks like duplicates is really just two differently named links to the same area on the hard drive. See Hard link - Wikipedia. I’m not sure how you should deal with this besides filtering out the whole winsxs folder… Anyway, if true duplicates are found, there should be an option to hardlink them instead of deleting one or the other. This way you eliminate the duplicate while preserving the directory reference/pointer. This is much better than simply deleting one of the duplicates, especially in the case of system files that need to be in a certain place but I only know of one program that does this - FINDDUPE: Duplicate file detector and eliminator.

You are right I wouldn’t even attempt to delete anything from duplicate files

I do not use that feature cause it would cause some programs not to work :frowning:

i scanned for duplicate files. in 1 hour the scan was at 43% and it found a very large amount of files. when i went through those files i found out that the files were not duplicate but important files. so i cancelled the scan. huh veryyyyyyyy dangerous scan. totally disaaaaaaaaaaaster

I don’t think it is a disaster if you didn’t actually delete the files it found. 88)