duplicate files

??? Hello everyone
System: xp home, sp3, ie7, 512 mb memory, cis, boclean, csc, avast.
Ran csc duplicate files, there were hundred’s of them with the box (with +), when click to change it to (-) there were 2 to 20 files with (blank) boxes, so there must be 2 to 3 thousand duplicate files in there. Are all with “same files” under each “tree”
(Are all of thoses with blank boxes) safe to check and delete, If so is there anyway to "restore them (if needed)

Hi, perhaps you can post a screen shot. Then it’ll be easier to determine if there’s any duplicate you can delete. However, as far as I know, you can’t restore these files in any way with CSC (to restore you need a lot of luck and some special software to read disk data).

Hello leoniaquila
Thanks much for the reply, even thugh it was not what I wanted to hear. After posting since I have never used a reg cleaner, I searched others to see what they had to say (still looking). and most have it but do not suggest deletting these files unless you know just what they are and know that they will not bust your system.
I don’t have the software to view them all and submit on a a post except for screen printing. Really do not have the knowledge either.
So for now we will close this post out.
Again thanks


I understand you can’t show all of them, I was rather thinking of a screen shot with the first ones that appear in the search result list. It could give a hint. :slight_smile: