duplicate file ! cmdinstall.exe and iseupdate.exe

c:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\ has two files that are duplicate, it’s the same file with different names !
cmdinstall.exe and iseupdate.exe

now the cmdinstall.exe has references but the iseupdate.exe has none !

question what is for iseupdate.exe ?

Iseupdate I think is for updating Internet Security Essentials. Apparently it is cmdinstall.exe and I guess it will get called with a command line parameter to make it check for update for ISE rather than CIS.

How did you find out they were identical in the first place? !ot!

First of all, i had to ask for approval from a counter party(s) before posting here.

Anyway it might shock or disturb some reader(s), and therefor this off topic article can be categorized
such as paranoid or a conspiracy theory thesis.

Due of my past work projects, some as making win pe live usb boot up tools with system level authority,
i have in time been contacted by different persons around the globe, continents.
They all seem interested due to each other need(s), about the system level access of his/their pc(s).
We all shared past experiences of being tracked, having our several emails hacked, our online backups breached…

Anyway the funny part was when each one of us was going to discuss with their net provider or explaining with video
and photo that for example in my case the certain Chinese military base was tapping my modem 24/7
or scanning all my ports or slowing the ADSL+ 24mbs speed to a few Kb…used to be over 2 Mb download…

We all have had our laughs back then and closest friends did tell us that due of our security some other party(s) where very
interestingly to find out what the f*** is there !

Anyway back then was funny but this funny thing stumped us all when a member a more paranoid member
“he is a uni teacher highly educated and respectable from a continent near Antarctica” well his computer got hacked in the
most unusual way, as he was suspecting that something is happening and can’t prove it as no logs, no records or at least
a misplaced item of whatsoever is happening in there.
We others said he is a bit delusional and exagerating at the first tell…but then he showed some glimpse of the videos…
Well he is having some video cameras recording his multi monitors when he is not at home or around…
“Please don’t ask why he leaves pc internet connected”

So in one of the video camera (the regular one) nothing is out of the ordinary, but on the high speed recording camera the unseen and unknown revel itself !
In one particular moment just a blink the on screen time counter, proccesses such as multiple tasks managers, monitoring all gone frozen when a
black small spot appeared on the screen.
The whatsoever led or monitoring processes, after the glitch they did not show any sign of high usage activity but rather 100% normal !

The problem is that even for having a hardened and strenghten system due of experiences of party members, all failed miserably…
Among the security suite was also COMODO Internet Security with password combined with a virtualized application named Shadow Defender with password too.
Each password is/are unique ! (i am not going to explain configurations and what each app does except that there a security breach above paranoid level).

Remarkable his router was afterwards “probably” log edited very carefully as was showing everything ordinary and not even a time lapsing… whatsoever…

But it was a mistake such whatever did that, and managed to get past all his paranoid security funny even over Shadow Defender and to find out that
your pc has been locked out by an ordinary ransomware…well that was the mistake!

No, no ransomware can achieve that, no known thing or common thing in our minds can do that.
We stormed the internet for clue(s) and answers or tiny pieces of shreds…came up with almost nothing, except crazy ideas like quantum computer or something way sinister.

He has tv without wifi, no wifi enabled in the house, fridge without wifi, washing machine without wifi, no ilumination smart bulb lamps just plain regular led
warm light based, no minivan parked outside or observed in the vecinity at the time of occurance, no drone on sight, no street repairs nothing !!

Some crazy real crazy speculation between us have bean made such as the wifi signal from the neighbours ?! or gsm signal ?! Is it even possible ?!
Maybe and why not our brain can be stimulated by gsm frequency maybe the electronics too (in their way). But how ?!
Is it possible to program chips via radio waves at this kind of level ?!
Could be some Nikola Tesla lost tech ?!
Well if the wifi/radio waves can do that…and someone have control over them then our minds sanity will be no more in our hands !

Mostly some party members started to reverse eng with all the software including in our daily usage some are the same
since we all have interest in free software alike, now cis too among the ones looking for flaws, that let cause this unknown event.
And yes the only access to his devices has only him, no other guests or electrician inspection or cable company intervention or gas leaks. NONE!

For who it might wonder what his work was about, well he was still is conducting study/research about some “crazy” ideas involving
earth geoengineering modification programs, chemtrails, Chinese virus, and most important to him the introduction
to mankind for or as he say “the new axe of power” by aliens.

What is he saying is that soon the USA will release some things to prepare human race to be more soft minded about extraterestrial live presence !
And for people not to be scared or be more consciously as it will come with their presence a golden era for human race, as once
appear/reveal themselfs will teach us many technological marvels.

However in his research he concludes that the so called aliens will teach human race that they are only males/mans, and no female/woman
and for them is normal.
Now in his work he states that “the so called aliens are lying and they are not what it seems to be, becouse they are come to deceive man
kind since is not normal to be man with man, but man and a woman and therefor
being man with a man is defying GOD works as GOD himself created ADAM and EVE and not steve and steve”
also he writes that

“they look more like the fallen angels, who once came down to earth abusing their power and provoked the angry of GOD by sending the flood
to wipe out all the unclean flesh, due to their sin”
“how come in some CIA reports states that in some alien manifestation activity at the very name of Jesus Christ pronounced by person who has contact
with these entities the so called alien manifestation ended as quickly as it started”
“please don’t ask from where he has CIA reports, just think as multi skilled user(s)!”
the same he mentioned

“Most likely the angels or should i say the demons in disquise will tell some true but not all”
“such as they have had countless appeareance in the human’s history” “and this statement is absolute correct since they are the fallen angels,
since they where here before and after the creation of earth”
“but probably it will tell human kind that they created us too and here is the big lie,
since the trick is to not acknowledge by us our and the only GOD our True Creator and Maker
and will unravel some archeological facts before the GOD’s flood
to sustain their cause and that things will probably be so well presented with technological convincing story(s) that many will fall for it.”

“The so called aliens will deny any evidence of Jesus Christ our True Savior, since they the so called aliens will try to steal us the posibillity of entering into
GOD’s Kingdom/Heaven trough Jesus Christ blood, and by deny Jesus Christ is for us humans going into the bottomless pit along with the aliens or by now already know as
the fallen angels”

Anyway his writing is above my knowledge and as fascinating it can be from his traveling around the world in person to optain some leaks from wistle blowers
or “digitally” ones, it will make the most powerful computer in the world your human brain (made by GOD), to think about it…it sure does…
The in proggress book has some it has some drawings too, some disturbing i might say.
We only have some content shared from it since is not yet finished.

Anyway in his not ransomeware but encrypted pages he has a more sense about when he says that
“…the tech will make human mind more malleable and easy to mold into accepting the new axe of power”
“could it be mind control interference?” “Or the fact that the so called aliens can posses the human body and mind so easily”
“…is just another aspect to attribute to fallen angels or demons alike”

Anyway he still has up to date backups of the book and maybe soon it will be published or downloaded.

Thats an example of what everyone should do backup,backup and backup some more and when still unsure do some more backups !
But still i now prefer the book in hands as no ransomware can encrypt it…

NOTE: The writings don’t belong to me, i have no part in it except in provinding here some pieces of a bigger picture that i didn’t draw.
It might look disturbing for some or crazy shi* bat for others…but the truth can only be seen if you look of it “at the details” period

We are willing to share more about a disclosure on how to full breach COMODO Internet Security SandBox and hips too via system user.