Duplicate entries in components list

Hi all,

I’ve been using CPF for a few weeks now and have found it to be a truly excellent firewall in all departments, definitely the best I have found. I do have one small question though, regarding duplicated entries in the components list.

I upgraded Thunderbird today from to and received the “cryptographic signature has changed” alert when I ran the new version, as expected. I also got an “unknown libraries” alert, which I checked and then approved for all DLLs. However, the components list now contains two entries for each of the DLLs that has changed, when I would have expected the existing entry to be just updated with the file’s hash/version etc. Is this the intended method of operation or have I found my first bug? :slight_smile:

I only ask because this means that over time as applications are upgraded, the list of components will become longer and more unmanageable when it really need not.

Hi and welcome to the forum! No, this is normal with upgrading, the old dll’s stick around. “NOT with all programs though”. The resolve for this is to uninstall a version completely and reinstall a new one. “Note that doesn’t always work either” Or you can delete the old dll in some cases but NOT ADVISED. Some program updates don’t stick you with an extra dll, some do. Do you use firefox? I noticed with TB and FF this occurs more so. It won’t replace the dll but installs another. I have the same, just updated FF from .7 to .8 dlls. I just leave them as they don’t hurt anything and would be more harmful to try and remove in my opinion as stated above. One way to tell if it’s just in comodo memory or if actually on machine is use something like the free agent ransack search utility and unhide folders \files and search for it, this way you can tell for sure.