Dumprep taking 99% after application crash

Each time an application crash and dumprep opens, I get stuck with it running at 99% of my cpu power. I need to disable the defense+ for this to stop. Just wondering what setting should dumprep.exe have in Defense+?

Same here. I have just tried the following: click Defense+>Common Tasks>My Protected Files>Groups (Button right side bottom). On the groups page, locate “Windows System Applications” and click Add and choose Browse. Locate the file C:\Windows\System32\dumprep.exe and select it. Click Add-> and then click Apply (I right-clicked the dumprep.exe entry and chose Edit to make the entry %windir%\system32… so that it looks like the others). Then click Apply and Apply. The policy seems to update to include the new file, but to be sure, click Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy and select the Windows System Applications entry and click Apply. I don’t know if this is the solution to the problem, but the policy will give dumprep.exe all the rights it will need. If the trouble recurs, then the problem is more deep-seated.