dumping antivirus

I just read in one of the tech magazines that TrendMicro and Norton is working on a program that uses whitelisting rather than a antivirus file scan.what is the take on here about this.I think the article was on PC World Or PC Magazines online sites.

Not sure about their exact approach, but if they go towards whitelisting as the first line of defense rather than blacklisting, it’s what Comodo has done for quite a while now… :wink: Personally I think it’s the way to go. I would never rely on a PC with antivirus only, but since November last year when CFP 3 was relased, I have relied on a PC with whitelisting only. Haven’t got any malware problem at all.

Melih has many thoughts on this, here’s his blog:


I don’t use an AV my self.

All AV’s rely on “signatures” That require malware researchers to research & update the database. Also Heuristics which TRY to catch unknown threads, White listing is the way to go.

CFP Defense+ Is excellent.