Dumbed Downed software


       Found that there were and are several programs especially archiving and unarchibing programs that were and still are dumbed down.

       I use a tool called Evid, most antispyware programs will delete it when it scans.  So far 3 that I have used have deleted its folder.  But I have it in a RAR compressed folder and it is never touched.

Not sure how Comodo programs scan with in compressed folders, or what they look for, but the following is what I mean about dumbed down.
Oh leave an option for the user to add to an ignore list.

Years back during the time when BBS boards were used to communicate across a nation or around the world, Mark “Sparky” Herring
wrote a program called 1stReader, it combined many software programs to provide an all in once concept. A terminal program, a reader program (.qwk) a transfer protocol program Qmodem (with crash recovery), an archiving program Qzip, and several other features.

Qzip was not dumbed down like most of the others back then and today the extention had to be .zip .arj etc.
If you had an ,arj file. zip file, lzh file etc 1stReader would open it. And you did not need that exact extension. it could be created with zip or arj or it could end with .248 or .bcd etc. You just needed the archive program on your HD.

What got me thinking about this, was a article I read about “Open With”.


handling archivers is an important feature. we do handle archivers.