Dual firewalls? [Resolved]

Although FAQ states that windows firewall is disabled on install, I show it still enabled, but grayed out and the security center says two firewalls are active. This is slowing my system and general internet access down. I ended up uninstalling. Is this a bug, as the install does not disable windows firewall for me? (XP pro w/latest updates.)

Hello krispy55, welcome to the forum!

Is it possible that you could make a screen shot and attach here? It sounds strange that the Windows firewall is turned on, as the Comodo Firewall Pro installer should disable it right before rebooting. It has always worked for me.


Sorry… Guess you can delete this thread. I just completed a reinstall/reboot and everything is now correct. Windows firewall is disabled and one firewall is active. Strange…

Glad that it works, I’ll mark the thread as resolved then! If anyone wish to open it again, just PM a moderator.