Dual boot.

is there any information for dual booting. I could not find any.

anyways I went ahead and did it.

So I found out I can not have two CTM’s.( unless I did something wrong)

So I installed my first CTM on my D drive and Selected Protect D: not C:

Then I went to install CTM on my C:. Found out this did not work as it put me in a endless reboot to complete instillation. and after a reboot nothing was installed.

So I uninstalled from D:, and reinstalled to C: and I selected protect D: and C:

So to double check I clicked restore. and to my supprise there is only one restore point?
I went to my settings and looked and both drives are protected.

So down the road , if I need to reset C: and not D:
will I have that option?

Restoration for one drive with two partitions would restore both partitions without the option to select. I don’t know about two separate physical drives.

ok thanks. I wonder why they would have the Protect partition option. if ctm only works on one?

The same applies to separate HDDs (with dual or multi-boot), all the Operating platforms installed on the same computer have to be protected by CTM and will be restored to the same snapshot in a rollback.

“The Protect Partition Option” is mainly for users to choose whether to include non-system partitions under CTM’s protection. It’s needed as a lot of people would not choose to include non-system partitions to be protected and rollbacked.