DSLReports 2008 Firewall Poll

This is the 2008 poll for firewall use on the DSL Reports forum. Way to go Comodo. :■■■■


nice :slight_smile:


Windows XP Firewall is 2nd



Kinda made me look twice too.


i think the xp part is due to that lack of knowledge with the use of software im not too surprised

When this post was first made, I looked & XP Firewall was 1st (Number One). Unbelievable. :smiley:

Ah… cancel that. I discounted the Router with software firewall option. Bit of a naff option that… hides the software firewall. Mind you, I think we can be sure most of them are MS. :smiley:

lol @ Dadkins using router and XP ATM. He’s pretty funny.