DSL connection stops working after a few minutes using Comodo Firewall

Dear friends at Comodo Forum

I am working as an IT support person for our NGO. I just got a message from a co-worker about one other co-worker having the following kind of problem after having installed the latest Comodo:
(I have edited this a bit)

I was visiting xxx. Both they and I
recently switched to Comodo firewall software, and we both began to have
trouble using their dsl internet connection.

Their network cable comes directly from the dsl modem into their
computer’s network cable connection. They are not using a router. I used
this same setup while I was at their house.

When using this set up with Comodo firewall, the connection would stop
working after just a few minutes. The modem could be reset and the
connection re-established, but it only worked a few minutes at a time.

To see if Comodo was involved, I switched my machine to Windows firewall
and turned off Comodo. Then I did not have trouble maintaining the
connection as long as I wanted.

I am at home now and connecting to dsl thru a modem and router. Comodo
works fine in this configuration.

What should XXX do to get back to normal sustainable
internet connections? Is there a setting in Comodo that they need to
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I suggested that these coworkers switch to Comodo, so I feel I am kind of responsible for fixing the problem.

Does anyone have some ideas as what to do?


Check this thread if it matches your problem:

Also, even though you probably suggested this to him already, he should check the logs to see what is blocked by the Network Monitor. This is a general statement, i know, but it’s always the first thing to help out.

Does this help?

Thanks Pedro

I do not know what the friends did, but now I got a message where I learn that things do work now. So, thanks for your good suggestions, although I am not sure if they where needed after all.


Just make sure they haven’t changed the security level to Allow All or something else that opens them up.

Chances are that the issue revolved around allowing svchost.exe, or some aspect of DNS or DHCP, which would interfere with them being able to get an IP address. Without seeing the logs, we don’t know for sure. If all of a sudden it’s working and they don’t know how, I’d be suspicious that something got changed that might should have been left alone…