drwtsn32.exe Problem

Everytime I go to browse yahoo fantasy basketball (I only get this issue when I navigate around yahoo fantasy basketball) periodically firefox will shut down and I’ll get the do I want to send an error report popup. I then look at Defense+ and it has a new event. I check the log and everytime firefox crashes I get a defense+ log saying drwtsn32.exe was blocked because it tried to “Access Memory” of cmdagent.exe. Is firefox crashing because of Comodo. Do I need to setup special settings for drwtsn32.exe? I made it a trusted program but I still get the crashes everytime I browse yahoo sports. Any help would be appreciated. Firefox never crashes for me under any other circumstances. When browsing yahoo sports with Opera, I don’t experience any crashes. I have no idea what the problem is.

I have drwatson shut off actually. Dont need it but you cab add it to Comdo’s exception list of memory access. Open up D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Highlight Comodo Pro and click edit. Click on protection settings then click on modify Interprocesses Memory Access and add drwatson.

Most likely it’s a bug/conflict in one of your extensions. I suggest you to disable the extensions one by one until you found the culprit.

I added drwin to the exceptions list, i’ll let you know if it works out for me.

I see in your sig your running Spyware Terminator in real time mode. Its not good to run to HIPS programs.

I have spyware terminator hips disabled.

This log activity is not related to crashes of firefox.