Drowning in empty folders

With regards to the incremental backup mode… I create and delete a lot of files and folders during my work. When it comes time to do my incremental backup I have noticed that any files I delete in the source are of course, deleted from the destination (which is correct)… But the folders that I delete in the source are NOT deleted from the destination. Consequently my destination (backup) is continuosly growing with empty folders, will this problem be fixed in the next version? Or am I using the program wrong perhaps?? Thank you.

sorry, forgot to mention that I am using the backup mode:- copy with deleting other than source files

You are right that it won’t delete folder but nor it will write deleted folder. Post your request in the wishlit rev2 topic, please :).

I don’t think the “wishlist” is the most adequate spot for this suggestion, given that it’s not a wish, but an issue that you (the programmers) need to deal with.

If anything, it would need to go into the “errors to be fixed” list. Given this suggestion is to your software’s benefit, I will let you handle it from here. I have no intention of using up more of my time posting this anywhere else. Thanks.

I’m not a programmer, i’m just helping in the forum.
I can understand that you have no time for this, but this is not a bug, it’s just not implemented yet. CB will only delete files but yet this isn’t a bug cause they didn’t write anywhere it will delete folders as well.
I’ll post your request.