Drop-down box to select the priority for all updates

Tell me what do you think :slight_smile:
[at] captainsticks Thank you for your support :-TU

Good idea, voted. :-TU

[at][b] captainsticks[/b] Thank you for your support :-TU
Likewise, thank you to you. :-TU

I like the idea as well. the other night I was raiding in World of Warcraft and suddenly started experiencing massive lag spikes but my latency never changed. I now suspect that a Comodo update took place and caused the lag. I never use the Game mode because I donโ€™t like how it puts elements of CIS in the equivalent of Training mode. I think it should just suppress updates and alerts while in full screen and not change anything else. Barring changes like that happening, the ability to set the priority of updates would be welcomed.

Well this is true, same here when I play games. So definitely this option will be good.