Drogon enforcing link colors on Comodo Forums

This is peculiar to CID on Comodo Forums; IE8 did not behave this way. The browser link colors clash with Comodo Forums color scheme and makes me squint even so I have NoSqunt Add-on installed. Works good last long time everywhere else; except Yahoo search pages where ALL links were underlined despite ‘always underline links’ was unchecked in NoSquint. 'Till I discovered that in Tools, Options, Content, Colors that ‘always underline links’ was checked.

Unticking that stopped Yahoo search page titles from underlining. Now the search result titles never underline; all other links on the page underline when I point at 'em. I’ve not noticed this prollem anywhere else. In fact, the new my.yahoo home page - with its newfangled themes that forced me to abandon flea-bitten moth eared IE in favor of CID - works just fine (tltles underline when I point at 'em).

I’ve determined that the matter was NoSquint global settings. I turned off the link colors in the global settings tab, and ensured that the link colors were properly configured in Tools, Options, Content, Colors. Ensured that ‘allow site determine’ of colors was ticked.

Presto bingo! Comdodo Forums has returned to its IE8 accustomed text color scheme.

Works good last long time.