Driver/ service install not detected?

Ok, tried it on a fresh snapshots, fresh install of CFP.

Same results as I posted above. It,s able to hide processes without SCM access alert appearing. SCM access alert comes only when I shutdown HideProc, not before. :-TD

Stop with the thumbs down already. Did you get the same result as in my screen shot or what? Did you completely remove all traces of your old Comodo before installing the new one? Did you have the firewall and D+ set to safe mode? My screen shot says it all and shows that D+ is doing its job.

It was a fresh XP Home snapshot of Eaz-Fix. CFP was never installed there before. I put it in paranoid mode. HidseProc was able to hide process without any SCM access alert from CFP. I got the alert taht hideproc.exe is trying to access SCM when i shutdown Hideproc. Ofcourse it was useless at that time.

Maybe some one should contact Egemen or Paul to this thread…


I tested this HideProc app on virtual machine with Windows XP Pro SP2 32-bit with only CFP installed as a security software. After first reboot D+ has been swiched to Paranoid Mode. Default rules haven’t been modified.
When I run HideProc.exe I get first alert from D+ asking me whether I want to to execute it or not. Then I can hide whatever processes I want including CFP.EXE and CMDAGENT.EXE without any alert. On exit I get second alert, this time D+ alerts me about HideProc.exe tries to access SCM.

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I get exacty same results.

No need for paranoid mode. I was using safe mode.

Yes. This happens on some XP computers. SCM access is not properly intercepted in some XP computers and thats why all of these driver/service installation stuff.

This bug is introduced after A couple of other bugs are also reported before. We have a planned release in 3-4 weeks. So this will be fixed along with a couple of others.

Vista users are immune from this bug. Also on Windows XP, some computers are not vulnerable according to some conditions.

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Thanks for your notice.