is really a virus?

I am a complete novice on the computer. I know how to turn it on, play pogo, send email, buy on ebay and that is about it. The other day I was playing on pogo when suddenly The game closed out, I lost my points (dang it) and up popped this message saying something like “warning your computer has been infected from adult porn sites. This can affect your job and or marriage. Please down load drivecleaner immediately”. I tried to close out the site and then a download window opens as if I have asked for this to be downloaded when I really havent but there was a warning saying that it did not carry a certificate and could be malware. Like I said, I am no pro. Half the time I dont know what to allow or block so I block it all and if it causes a problem the next time I allow it. Some system eh? LOL but those cheesy people using peoples fears to gain access to our pocket books. I dont go to porn sites and im single so im the only user on the computer. There was my red flag. I ran a virus scan and nothing came up. Then made sure my virus and firewall were both up to date, they are . I went back to play my online pogo games and tada, I was kicked off again and again and again. I have to do a control alt delete to shut down the computer and still the dang thing messes me up again. I did a search to see if it was somewhere in my computer but the only thing that shows are the cookies from when it blasts me to its advertisement (k I know about cookies too aint i smart?). ANY clue as to what the heck I might have done to my poor computer and how I can fix it? Thanks, Cherie

by the way, I am using comodo antivirus and comodo firewall I have tried to install bocleaner but it wont install. I am using ccleaner which I dont know where it came from??? I have windows server 2000 but I am the only computer who uses the network.

hi,like you, i’m a novice too. i think you’re infected by a spyware. you can try downloading spywareterminator ( or superantispyware ( hope it can help.

What OS are you using?

I have windows server 2000 but I am the only one who uses it. A neighbor gave it to me.

Thanks Ganda, I did install and run the spyware. It found all kinds of junk in the computer. 64 files and 9 high threat programs. Ick. I am thinking that maybe limewire is killing me so I uninstalled that as well just in case. I hope this works. I ranspyware twice just to be sure the files are able to be removed…and the end result was no items found! I think you might not be a novice anymore Ganda :BNC Yipee thanks!

Just wondering. I now have comodo virus protectioin, comodo firewall, ccleaner and this new spyterminator. Is there anything else on the computer that I should have that I dont know about and any other tips to keep me safe on the web?

Off to play a game of pogo lol

You could try adding Comodo BOClean:

BOClean has removed several nasties my son picked up when using Limewire.


You know, if you really want to feel like a “techie” you can do this one thing to stop those nasty popups you’re getting (they sound like they’re gray in color, have an ‘OK’ button at the bottom, and that’s about it). If my parenthetical comment is correct, they’re because of Windows’ Messenger service. (Edit: Referring to Messenger, the service; not Windows Messenger, the Instant Messenging Client).

Go to Start/Run and type “services.msc” (no quotes). When that window opens, scroll down to “Messenger.” You will see that it is set for Automatic. Double-click it to Edit the Properties. In the middle of that window, you’ll see a field for ‘Startup Type.’ Change it to Disabled, then click Apply, followed by OK.

Then close Services and reboot. Spyware aside, disabling Messenger service should take care of those types of popups.


That’s a common misconception (even I was fooled). The Messenger service is in fact not related to Windows Messenger. The only thing in common is they are both dangerously useless:

Rather than disabling Windows Messenger (not the above), one should uninstall it. I think this is the easiest method:

Note: Assume the OS is XP

glad it can help you, yeah as N.T.TW said, you can try BOClean,
it’s weird that you can’t install CBOclean, that i can’t help (after all,i’m a novice) ;D
i’m currently using CAVS, CFP2,4, CBOclean 4.25, and SUPERANTISPYWARE free edition for on demand scanning. so far so good.

:■■■■ cheers

Ow, and pls DON’T run any spyware ;D

Windows’ Messenger Service → I missed the apostrophe on that. My bad, my mac. You know almost everything (:NRD)