drive sentry question

Hi, folks this question has been asked before but I just wondered if anyone knows for sure if you can run CIS alongside drive sentry or will they conflict with eachother, in matt rizos video for drive sentry he says just use it if you want to with your existing av software. But with CIS having defence+ I wondered if they would conflict the matt’s video for drive sentry made the product look awesome. According to drive sentry this is the next generation in av software.

:-TU Hello, i use Drive sentry with Cis on a laptop and Cis and prevx edge on my main pc, without any problems whatsoever. However make sure you decide which of the avs you want to use in real time as you will get 2 scanners looking at the same files and probably experience slowdowns,and conflict there, when it comes to Drive sentry. I use Comodo real time and disable the scanner in real time with Drive sentry and set it up to do an on demand scan once a day, as not all scanners will pick up every malware and its good to have a second opinion. That said they both are awsome in the areas of defense + CIS, and Hips with Drive sentry, and both have good and not so good points, but i choose to use both, as Cis Av is in its infancy and improving in data base size dramatically and soon i believe will be no1, but Drive sentry has 2.8 million plus in its data base and is amongst the best in that depatment now, but watch this space with Cis in the coming months, as well as numerous other program improvements. I subscribe to the"belt and braces" layered approach with the 2 main programmes hips based, and a couple of on demand adware/spyware scanners Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, being the best as Cis and most others struggle at the moment to fully remove adware, these two will mop up what others miss. Hope this info helps. Oh, i think if you delve into the forums i think you will find most if not all members do not depend on one program as no one program will ever be 100% in catching malware, but Cis may get close in the not so distant future i feel.

Dave 1234

:slight_smile: many thanks for the reply dave1234, but can you tell me how to configure the settings of drive sentry to disable the real time scanning. On the setup page of the scanner i have set it to scan once a day will this disable the real time scanning or do i have to do something else. Thanks for any help :wink: Hi I have just setup on the options screen scanner enabled “no” I think that I have answered my own question there, but does this mean i will not need the trickle signiture updates. And if so will the database be upto date before any scheduled scans
again thanks for any help :wink:

:-TU Hello mast157, You did the right thing in clicking on “no” in the options screen as this will indeed disable Drive sentry in real time. I leave the “trickle” update feature ticked and you can watch it update and see the data base grow in front of your eyes!!.This obviously keeps it up to date for the on demand scanning, but watch out if you have the free version, as it will stop trickle feed of updates after 30 days and it will then notify you to update manually, but thats no big thing. You can for $10 or £10 upgrade to a life time licence and thge trickle will continue, which for the money is good value.Other things you can change in the options screen are basic pop ups and advanced popups as well as the speed of the pop up, i have it on 10, and a colour chart for the notification level of the risk, which i have on green for all threats. I think you will find it userfriendly, and the scans are just as fast as Comodos , but perhaps not as “light” as Comodo on system performance, but stiil perfectly acceptable without slowdowns. They both have Plus points, but Userbility is better at the moment i think with Drive sentry, and its version of Cis threatcast ( which works) and Cis has better overall protection, with buffer overflow and other security enhancements. As i said for free i dont think you can get better than these two, and they are and will be better than paid apps i reckon with planned improvements for the not so distant future march/april i think. Just keep looking in the Comodo and wilders forums and you can check on Beta and new release info for both.


:slight_smile: Many thanks for advice Dave1234 I will be digesting all you say tonight and getting to grips with the sentry program all the best :wink: