Drive by downloads

I’m running CAV (
I got hit by a nice drive by download. With lots of detective work 4 hours later I finished nixing the half-dozen .exe’s that appeared in my system32 dir.
Google has a whitepaper on drive by downloads dated Feb. 2008 claiming a huge volume of “malicious URL’s” in their research.
From the whitepaper:
“Unfortunately, we also find that even state-of-the-art anti-virus engines are lacking in
their ability to protect against drive-by downloads. While this is to be expected, it does call for
more elaborate defense mechanisms to curtail this rapidly increasing threat.”

Request: “Comodo anti-drive by”


As most drive-by downloads uses buffer overflow, Comodo Memory Firewall should be able to stop these.
Comodo Firewall Pro 3 with Defense+ enabled should be able to prevent the download of .exe-files (as it’ll warn about the creation). They’re the biggest threat, as they’re able to execute malicious code.


Good news! Thanks for the quick reply! I can see my choice to eschew CFP for XP Firewall after an OS reinstall was not the best decision…

As Ragwing pointed out Comodo Memory Firewall was designed to do that…

between CMF and CFP… you are pretty safe…