Dreamweaver and FTP


I just downloaded CPF and it lookls like a good (and free!) program but I am having problems using Dreamweaver. With CPF set to custom I cannot FTP through DW, I have gone thorugh the forum and tried various ‘fixes’ for FTP and none of them seem to work.

I have turned off parts of CPF to find out wherethe problem is and only when I turn off the Application Monitoring do I have success.

Any suggestions?

Hi & welcome to the forums.

There is a known issue with FTP. Have you tried setting Dreamweaver’s FTP component to “Skip advanced security checks” (‘Miscellaneous’ tab) in the Application Monitor?


Thanks for the reply. I have indeed tried the “Skip advanced…” checkbox but it made no difference.

OK. Have you checked CPFs log to see if anything of Dreamweaver’s is being blocked?

Also, when you say that FTP in Dreamweaver doesn’t work… can you elaborate on this.

I use FTP in two programs, and I haven’t got any problems at all…
It’s LeapFTP and Dreamweaver. I only had “skip adv…” and “allow inv…” on LeapFTP, not on Dreamweaver…
Have you restarted the firewall? Always try that if a rule don’t work!


Thanks for youie reply, I have rebooted the PC turned every option on and off and still no luck. I think I’m going to try reinstall of the software and see what happens

Yes , do that.
Remember to choose “auto” when you install.
The first thing you should do then is to “scan for known applications”.
Restart the firewall.
If you are behind a router, you should “define a trusted zone”.
Restart the firewall.
Now you can “define a new trusted application”
Restart the firewall.
Now you can try if Dreamweaver works.
Let us know.

You might know this, but I will say it anyway… :wink:
In Dreamweaver when you go to “manage sites”, and click on your site, and edit, go to advanced tab and choose “Remote Info”. Check the box “Use passive FTP”, and see if it works.

Well the good news is that it is now working… :BNC

The bad news…I didn’t do anything, just thought I would check it one more time before I deinstall and reinstall and found that it’s working…annoying but at least it’s working now

Many thanks for all your suggestions…

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