DragonSetup.exe not recognized by CIS


I have a fresh laptop, WIN7-64 fully updated, freshly installed CIS (5.5.195786.1383) and I’m trying to install a freshly downloaded CD (Comodo Dragon browser) . The only non-standard setting I’ve got is Def+ set to “Clean PC Mode”, as it is a clean PC.

As soon as I start DragonSetup.exe a Def+ alert pops up saying:

DragonSetup.exe could not be recognized and requests unlimited access to your computer. Although Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. has digitally signed their application, they are not yet whitelisted by us

I looked into Def+ policy settings at the Trusted Software Venors list and “Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.” does seem to be listed there. I tried selecting “sondbox”, but it crashes complaining about some dll missing or such, sorry didn’t take an exact note. I’m not proceeding past that point, as something is clearly out of whack. I know I could just click “allow” or “trust” and be done with it, but let’s just say I’m fussy and/or paranoid.


Please advise.

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Hi wojmur,

Before installing Comodo Dragon, in CIS go to Defense + > Defense + Settings > Sandbox Settings and there enable :

  • Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside the sandbox
  • Automatically trust files from trusted installers

The installation of Dragon will normally works like a charm.

When Comodo Dragon is installed, you can uncheck the 2 aforementioned options.

Hmm, I had a quick check, these options are already enabled …

Today Comodo Dragon installed with no problems. This is what I did, that might have made a difference:

  1. Wait ed a few days - CIS might have downloaded new set of signatures or a new vendor list.
  2. Re-downloaded the DragonSetup.exe from comodo site - it might have been re-signed.
  3. Uninstalled and reinstalled “sandboxie” - maybe the order of CIS and sandboxie drivers installation has a significance.

I can’t tell which one of the above was the actual fix, but Dragon has now installed cleanly. and all is working fine.