Dragon's Virtual Mode no longer opening.

I’ve been a fan of Comodo’s Dragon for the past few years but the introduction of the Virtual Mode has been a disappointment because since I’ve installed the latest edition of CIS, it hasn’t worked properly. I think it loaded about two or three times and then just got slower and slower at loading to the point that now, it doesn’t open at all!

I read that this is a known issue with Windows 8. Well it’s also a known issue with Windows 7 cos I haven’t got Windows 8 and this is on a clean Windows install too.

Let’s hope it gets sorted.

What version of CIS are you using? You you don’t know how to check you can do so by going to the main GUI of CIS and then clicking the white question mark inside a white circle near the top right and then choosing “About”

The version is 6.3.294583.2937.

That’s what the About screen says but I also have to mention that about a couple of hours ago or so, I got the screen pop up to ask if I wanted to update CIS. I clicked yes but the update stopped at 96.7%. At this point, the update said ‘Executing virtkiosk.exe’. I checked Windows Task Manager and the program was still ‘Running’. It didn’t say ‘Not Responding’ so something is wrong there too.

Did you get the update while already on 6.3.294583.2937? Some (seems to be many) users have reported that CIS is attempting to downgrade for them i.e go from 6.3 to 6.2.

Is it still stuck on 96.7%? If not, what happened after it got stuck, I mean did you do something like reboot etc?

I’d recommend rebooting then running a diagnostics test as well as checking version, after that try starting Comodo Dragon virtualized again, if it still doesn’t work it could mean that the installation is corrupt.

Out of curiosity, are you using any other security programs whatsoever? I was using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and it was stopping Comodo Dragon from entering the Virtualized mode, same could happen with other programs as well.

Also, if you get Comodo Dragon to work in the sandbox (virtualized) and it still feels sluggish, then you can go to “dragon://flags” (Warning: Changing settings here CAN break things, take care) and and look for “GPU compositing on all pages” and set it to “Disabled” and look for “Threaded compositing” and set it to “Disabled” - This has helped me, when I ran Dragon in the sandbox it was really slow and sluggish until I disabled those two settings.

The progress bar for updating is still on the screen. It hasn’t finished updating and I’ve not got rid of it yet. So the version I gave you is the current version that is installed on the system.

As for rebooting, I rebooted several times before the ‘upgrade’ because of another problem I’m having with DNS settings. Dragon’s Virtual Mode hasn’t worked for me in months. It’s just now that I am reporting it. I can reboot in a mo but personally I can’t see what difference that would make.

I’ve got Malwarebytes installed on the PC but it’s not running at real time so it only runs when I open it.

Dragon hasn’t opened by clicking on the Widget option for the same amount of time aswell. The cursor icon swirls round for a few seconds as if it’s going to open but then NOTHING.

I got the update while I was already using the 6.3.294583.2937, yes.

Just rebooted and I tried to go into virtual mode from the normal browser. The only thing that happened is Dragon closed completely and nothing else opened. So I clicked to open the normal Dragon again and it restored my previous screen which was this forum.

Around the time Chromium changed to the Blink engine Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon stopped working in the sandbox, this has been an issue for a lot of people, including myself, for months, however the latest update has fixed it for me and the few others that have reported back after updating. Well that is excluding this case…

If you’re up to it I’d recommend a complete re-install of CIS in the way posted here: Comodo Forum

Since you got the “upgrade” (probably 6.2 downgrade) after already having 6.3 installed, it could have messed things up, especially since it got stuck.

I remember that when I first tried to install it (and several times after that), I kept getting an NSIS error. The only way I could bypass that, was to launch the installation from pasting the file to my Desktop.

I notice that the above link mentions Revo. That is a program I have always had installed for as long as I’ve known about it which is at least the last few years. I’m going to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article and I hope that it works.

Alright, I hope all goes well. :slight_smile:

Edit: Someone else reported the same thing here, It could perhaps be a new bug in CIS, if the re-install doesn’t fix it then I’d recommend creating a bug report for CIS 6.3

Ok. I have just finished following the steps in the article you supplied. Well, the first thing I can say is that this time, the installation completed without any NSIS error. Things were looking up for me so then I went to see if Comodo Dragon’s Virtual ■■■■ Browser would launch and the same thing happened as before…NOTHING. I clicked on the normal Dragon icon to launch it again, that appeared as before.

I’m also still having serious problems with Comodo’s DNS servers/settings/whatever. I know that doesn’t belong in this thread but I’ve already complained about that in the proper thread and only had one reply which wasn’t helpful.

I am really starting to lose my patience with this CIS software.

How do I go about doing this bug report?

Thanks for the help before by the way.

You can report a bug report here: forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cis-b132.0/ Please read through the information and use the format found here: forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cis/required-bug-reporting-format-t90436.0.html