Dragon will not run in Containment from the Widget

Dragon refuses to run in Containment from the CIS Widget

Also when I start it manually, it pops up a notice telling me it needs CIS to be installed!

When I make it the default browser, it will run in Secure Shopping, but still won’t run in either of the above cases

IE11 and Firefox run as expected w/o a problem. I run Win10 64 1703 and the latest CIS

Any ideas?

Did you just update dragon? If yes did you use the internal updater or did you download the setup file and select upgrade during install? Try to exit CIS by selecting exit from the cis notification tray. Then open CIS again from the start menu.

I selected Upgrade from the setup file
I just tried Exit and then Start again but no difference.

If it makes any difference, when I installed the latest CIS, it was a clean install and I then installed Dragon seperately

I had an issue updating dragon so I ended up deleting the dragon folder, then ran the setup to upgrade, then I uninstalled to then run the setup again to make it think it was a new install. So I guess uninstall without removing your user profile and run the setup again and make sure you exit CIS after the uninstall and again after the install to refresh the widgets installed browsers.

No difference at all I’m afraid. Works every other way but just not through the Widget

If you use custom auto-containment or sandbox settings try resetting, it may be some of the policies you added

I also had this problem and it was auto-containment, I resealed it and it worked again

I didn’t have many, but reset it anyway and same result. Nothing flickers - no log entries - nothing
I’m just hoping that the ‘link’ wasn’t broken when I installed it seperately after CIS . . . I don’t fancy going through all that again!

Well I did. Complete uninstall of everything and re-install, letting Dragon install as part of the components

Everything went in (including ISE)! and after CIS had had finished its upgrade, all the browsers worked in Container from the Widget . . . . . but once the update was done to the latest Dragon version after it first started, then it stopped working from the Widget again on the next attempt

So back to square one

Okay uninstall dragon and reboot. Then open the windows registry and delete the following keys if they exist:


Reboot and run the setup installer then reboot after install. Obviously grab the latest installer from the release topic. I too had installed dragon separately from CIS and it works fine here on both a Windows 10 and 7 machine.

Nope - just the same. All the keys were there; deleted them and installed with reboots

It’s as though the Widget just doesn’t see it and it doesn’t see CIS - with this version. The previous version did

Hi Ploget,
I was able to reproduce this issue and solved the issue by doing the following.
Delete or move the ‘virtual_mode_helper.exe’ file from the following location.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon

I assume this file is conflicting somehow with the current version of Dragon.

Kind regards.

Many thanks - that solved the Widget problem for me

The only problem remaining is that when I start Dragon normally and then try to switch to Virtual Mode, it still tells me it needs to have CIS installed which I obviously have

Hi Ploget,
As far as I remember the file in question is required to run virtual mode from within Dragons menu.
I have asked Staff to take at look at this issue.

Sorry that only one issue can be solved with this workaround.


That’s ok - I can live with that one!

Thanks for your help as always

Everything fixed now!

Decided to try one more thing, so uninstalled Secure Shopping and CIS - just through Control Panel w/o using the bat file etc.

Kept ISE and the latest Dragon version, then on reboot, ran Dragon and tried to use Virtual Mode when it naturally states it needs CIS installed, so then ran the CIS installer from Dragon and let it re-install everything, leaving Dragon checked to install - which it bypassed as being already there

Let it do its thing with updates and quick scan; imported my previous Config and everything is now working fine - Dragon through the Widget and also Dragon in Virtual Mode

Even w/o the bat file; there were no errors or warnings about previous installs etc. just a quick simple uninstall and re-install and update

You are welcome.

Everything fixed now!
That is good to hear. :)