Dragon vs Other Browsers Results

Here are some results i did on a number of multiple browsers:

I also Included Browsers currently in Beta and there stable counter parts.

Higher is better on all tests

Test Machine:

Intel Extreme Duo Core @ 2.93Ghz
2 x Geforce 7950 GX2
4GBs of DDR2
1 160 GB WD Velocity Raptor

Ran all Peace keeper tests, without any other program running in the background and without any other tabs opened.

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thanks! nice results…


Well done OmeletGuy, your time you used to do this is appreciated. Nice results thanks.

Nice Results

Thanks OmeletGuy :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

Took about half of a day to do all of this… Now i have to clean up all the left overs the Uninstallers did not remove :frowning:

Why don’t you use CTM or shadowdefender when your done testing :slight_smile:

Could have had a slow down effect on some of the broswers… it wont be a problem for me to clean it up.

Nice test & I like the results.

Thank you for taking the time to test them and for sharing the results. :slight_smile:

Very informative, thanks for taking your time to do this for the benefit of us fellow members! :-TU

Not a problem, if you guys want, you may request that i test newer versions of browsers…

As i cant follow all the development of every browser.

That sounds good to me, thank you for giving us that option, I am sure someone will take your offer one day. :wink: