Dragon & Tor - What Do You Think?

Being competitive and surviving we all know that you need to be creative to do so, so with this thought in mind, I wonder what Comodo would think about being a part of Tor, or Tor a part of Comodo or some sort of Tor/Comodo collaboration, support, etc., whatever way you can imagine…

So for a moment, let’s cut past all the red tape and zip into the future for a second. Tor likes Comodo, Comodo likes Tor, then the way I see it, both are trying to offer a better world of security and privacy, so doesn’t this look like a pretty picture? Well I certainly do…

Nobody has a crystal ball and can say what the future holds, but one thing I do know right now is that Dragon lags behind in versions and isn’t widely liked at all from the standpoint as a real Chromium sourced competitor. I think it’s time for a little creativity and maybe something like this could be the push in the right direction.

So I just wanted to throw this thought to the wind, who knows, maybe no one at Comodo ever gave this any thought… :wink:

+1 :-TU


Good idea! enchantments is always good! :-TU