Dragon spellchecking


i frequent youtube alot and the spellcheck option does not work. Is it recommended that I uninstall and then re-install Dragonas a possible cure or is this aknown problem?

Thanks for any or all responses


Hi smitty2868,
Please check that your spell checker is enabled with your desired settings.
Spell checking help

Note: Not all languages can be used for spell checking.

Edit: You may find an extension to suit your requirements.
Example: Spell Checker for Chrome

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Thank you for your response,

I have already navigated to languages and correctly set English (american) plus checked the relevant box. Still no joy.

As an aside WordWeb also fails in Comodo Dragon…Right click brings up context menu which completely overwrites word you try and select…?

Well, it is a small price to pay for a very nice version of browser that can speed it’s way through Avast anti-virus. Canary and Chrome don’t and are enormously more rapacious of my CPU.

Appreciate your response



Hi smitty2868,
Does my suggestion here help at all?

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy

Thanks for your response…I have no idea how to get to the menu you pointed at in the alternate post. I have no such options or right click (context) menu settings that I could find.?

Spelling is not operational. Suddenly however a more perplexing potential problem showed up. When I select About Comodo I usually get browser build number and you are using…

Now I get error. i want to re-install but cannot find link to beta version, and don’t want to have to downgrade. I can live with no spelling but would like to have the opportunity to get latest Dragon Beta build.

Do you have any idea where that would be available. I don’t trust Softpedia or Download to have it.

Am I wrong? Thanks and sorry for long interval between messages.

Hi smitty2868,
No sorry required.
There is no Beta version available beyond the latest stable release.
Recent times, Dragon has been going from stable to stable releases with no Betas in between.
The lastest version is V24.2 Stable.
Comodo Dragon ver 24.2 is now available for download

Let us hope it fixes the spell check issue. :wink: