'dragon_setup.exe' random nsis error pop up every 2 hours?

Hi, after installing comodo ive had no issues at all, but recently, ive had random ‘nsis error’ pop ups for no good reason, which do not state their cause - even when I am not installing any programs which contain it.
At first I thought it was an issue with firefox and its flash player plugin, but I thin i’ve now worked out what program it is related to. With the latest nsis pop up, I started windows task manager and checked for unusual processes, eg a setup or update that should not be present. I found that the nsis errors are due to ‘dragon_setup.exe’ which is located in C:/windows/temp - possibly a comodo dragon update? I cannot access this folder due to restrictions despite being admin.

At first I searched for a nsis repair tool (before realising that nsis usually refers to an installation file), but it would seem that most online are not legitimate files, if there such a thing. So I am wondering what the best solution would be-is it to simply remove or reinstall dragon? Dragon works fine, so I dont know how I can fix this update, if it is such a thing-to give it full admin rights, if this is all I need to do. I dont think comodo is blocking dragon from updating. The system is clean from malware. Thanks for any help.


This is an earlier issue related to the update mechanism. Please download the latest Comodo Dragon version from this location and perform a manual update: http://download.comodo.com/dragon/DragonSetup.exe

Also, before updating, please check what Dragon version you have currently installed. I would like to confirm that the version is in fact an earlier one and not the last version.
If the version you have installed is newer than then please add the following information as requested in the “Bug report” section and attach the following log files:

  • dragon_setup.exe.log
  • dragon_updater.exe.log
  • dragon_updater.exelogold.log

You will find these logs at: %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder.

Thank you.

I managed to finally access the windows/temp folder (I am not sure how). Dragon updated. The dragon update log you mentions shows that I had 27.0.4 installed previous. I now have 28.0.4. If I receive the same nsis error again with the latest version I will submit the log. Thanks for your help.

Same thing with version Everything works fine but the pop up is starting to make me rethink using this product. Any help would be appreciated. I have Windows 7, 64bit OS.

UPDATE: I launched the set up file in the temp folder and the Comodo firewall flagged it with a pop up. Should be a known safe program I would think, but whatever. :-\ I let it update and will report if the bug continues but I think this should have fixed it.

I, too, am getting this same issue with the latest version of Comodo. Attached are the logs found in “%windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder”. “dragon_updater.exelogold.log” was not in this folder.

It is very irritating to get these popups, and if it weren’t for them, Comodo Internet Security would be the poster-program of free PC security suites.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I just installed cis w/dragon and I have encountered the same message as reported above. The cis installer installed dragon 27.1 and the error appears to be the result of a failed attempt to auto-update. I resolved this as follows:

I downloaded the standalone dragon installer (28.1) and attempted to update. The update hung saying dragon appeared to be running. I looked for it in task manager and did not find it. I attempted to de-install dragon manually from add/remove programs and received the same message. I then rebooted and was able to de-install dragon. I then was able to perform the re-install of dragon with the 28.1 installer.

I then brought up dragon, left clicked on the dragon icon in the upper left hand corner of the window, selected settings, scrolled to the bottom and disabled automatic update.

I don’t expect to see the message again.

While this is a good idea for a temporary fix, this is still an issue that Comodo needs to get solved as soon as possible. For such a trusted company trying to offer superior internet security, it’s rather un-becoming to get an issue like this. Then another point, if you disable automatic updates then you won’t always have the latest in secure browsing from Comodo, thus making you more susceptible to online threats.