Dragon settings stored on network drive!!?? [Solved]

Hi all,

I haven’t change a single thing in my Dragon 20.0 settings and all of a sudden when I launched Dragon in Sandboxie, I receive a warning telling that my settings are stored on a network drive! See attached image.

I haven’t made changes in Sandboxie either and never had such a warning before.

Have someone an idea of what’s happening?



Edit 1: to add to the mystery, I don’t receive this warning on Win XP SP3, only on Win 7. Dragon and Sandboxie have the same settings on both platforms ???

Edit 2 : OK, I found the explanation on Sandboxie forum where somebody else had the same warning with Google Chrome 20.0. I was running Dragon under Administrator account with “Drop my rights” enabled in Sanboxie. If I change account or disable the drop my right, the warning doesn’t show up.
Explanation from tzuk :

When you use the Administrator account, your files are assigned to the Administrators user group. When you use Drop Rights, you are asking Sandboxie to dis-associate you from the Administrators user group. Thus you lose access to your files. This is what I mean that there is nothing here that needs fixing.

But nevertheless, it remains that the warning appears with Dragon 20.0 (and apparently with Google Chrome 20.0) and not with previous versions :-\

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