Dragon Settings changes don't stick when running in Sandbox

I set up Dragon to always run in a “Partially Limited” Sandbox. The problem is when I try to change a setting in Dragon it doesn’t seem to stick. For example, if I change it to “Open home page” from “Reopen the pages that were open last” it has reverted to “Reopen the pages that were open last” when I close and reopen Dragon. It does seem to remember opened tabs when they change between sessions.

Is it necessary to disable the Sandbox to make any Settings changes? Thanks.


Yes, you have to run Dragon outside the sandbox for any changes in the settings to be saved.


Thanks for the reply. Running it outside the Sandbox to change settings is reasonable since I don’t expect to change settings that much, however, it appears that adding bookmarks also only works outside the Sandbox. This is not really feasible since I can see adding bookmarks quite often. Is this really the case or am I missing something? Thanks.


We’ve done some tests and it turned out to be a flaw in the sandbox functionality. The issue has been reported and a fix will be implemented.

Thank you for your support.