Dragon safety & security regarding updates


Firstly, congratulations to the developers in making Comodo Dragon such a great browser. It has become my default browser since the release of version 8. It is now fully compatible with the Chrome extensions I use. Thanks!

A few weeks ago there was a news story about how Google paid some researcher a few thousand dollars, because of a “security hole” he discovered in Chrome. As a result, Chrome was patched.

Dragon has never been updated/patched since this was reported. Does this mean the users are less protected compared to those that use Chrome?

Just to put my mind at ease…


Maybe it’s not affected by it, I don’t know

Google chrome code and chromium code are slightly different. Dragon also has there own personal edits to improve security that google or chromium don’t have
example: (remember comodo doesn’t talk much about features in the dragon, so I’ll share on what I do know)
Verification Engine - Helps you identify legitimate sites and legitimate content
They also stripped out all the spyware that was in google chorme. So dragon is spyware free :slight_smile:
I’m sure theirs others stuff, but I don’t know what they are. With google going at a very fast pace, it’s insanely hard for Comodo dragon programmers to catch up. So they take a version that’s up-to-date and work on that, even though 6 months from now the version numbers change. There is no big difference between version 8 - 10, but a lot of code has been changed. So it’s very hard to create a feature and maintain that feature for a browser when the browsers code is always changing.

There’s not going to be many new features (there will ALWAYS be security enhancements though) until google finally slows down :slight_smile:

I hope this answer some peoples questions and thoughts on whats going on. I give mad props to the Comodo developers for making a browser more secure then others :■■■■

I think He or She did a good job explaining it. :wink: