Dragon remembering position on screen

I love dragon, I love the security and the ability to use Google add-ons.I’m a big some supporter of Comodo and use many of your offerings which is just incredible my opinion.

The only thing I don’t like with Comodo dragon is that it doesn’t remember its last position and size on your screen when you reopen browser. I have to use a clumsy program that tries to position windows as they were left upon closing. I would love to do away with that piece of software as the only program I use it over is Comodo dragon.

Thanks for listening and considering my suggestion.


Are you running Comodo Dragon in incognito by any chance?


Thanks for the response!

No I’m not using it incognito mode. I just open it normally and it automatically opens on the left side of my dominate screen where I use other programs in the space. I then need to move it to the right side and re-size it to fill the dedicated space.

Any help appreciated…is this normal or is this an anomaly?

Using win 7 and current version of dragon.


The Comodo Dragon window should remember it’s position on screen.
Could you add some screenshots with the window/windows as you have them positioned so we can attempt to reproduce the issue? Are you using window snap to position the Dragon window?

Are you working with two monitors?

Thank you for your support.