Dragon Randomly Replacing Most Viewed Sites with Rarely Viewed Ones

Most Viewed pages that I visit multiple times daily suddenly disappear & are replaced with ones I’ve visited 1-3 times in the past year.
Nothing done or changed recently (that I’m aware of). Only thing different recently is that saveitkeep (viral browser ext) got on my computer. I’ve been able to remove it from everything except Dragon. I don’t recall whether the Most Visited pages problem began before or after saveitkeep showed up.

Dragon (stable)
Windows 8.1
Default theme in use
Adblock Plus, Comodo Drag&Drop, Comodo Media Dwnlder, Comodo Share Page, Comodo Web Inspector, Contrast Theme for Gmail, Privacy Badger, & PrivDog
Administrator access

Hi RyanJV,
I presume you have taken necessary steps to make certain ‘SaveitKeep’ is removed from the system.

Check Dragons extensions for any related extensions.
Clear your browsing data from the beginning of time, this should reset the most visited pages.

Kind regards.