dragon question

I d/l Dragon from the website and its size was 63.2mb. Downloading it from MajorGeeks the size is 53.8mb. Why the difference?

Majorgeeks is not “official mirror”… so please install the Dragon from the release topic.

The download from Comodo’s site: https://cbn.download.comodo.com is 62.4mb. :-\ The question still stands.

@ ThumperZ1
your question has been answered!!
Don’t troll!

Dang! Imature, huh? Ban! The answer to somone one with a legitimate question. It hasn’t been answered yet. I’ve shown you 3 different sizes of the latest version of Dragon. Two from this site. Why the size difference?

This site: https://browser.comodo.com/
gives different old version not latest. It was reported and waiting for a fix for months.

The link on the release thread always gives the latest version. (Right now CD52)

On Majorgeeks links… it can even say 1MB… Comodo is not responsible about that installer.
They can bundle anything or remove anything in it.

Why do you care it so much, sir?

Shouldn’t anybody care about different sized of the exe’s? Somebody been messing with them? Sorry if I seem difficult, but in this day and age of hacking, etc., shouldn’t we question the size difference? Question now answered to my satisfaction. Thank you.

Before the size, you can ask this. I am also asking this…

Chrome now using Chromium 53 core…but the latest Dragon uses core 52. Why?
Are we vulnerable against the holes that did not fixed?
Chromium core 53 update includes 33 security fixes… Comodo Dragon seems vulnerable against those?

I think we have more serious problem there

Could be. I have no knowledge of the Chrome/Comodo core. But this is a Comodo Forum.

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Please stay on topic.

Thank you.

Hi ThumperZ1,
You can always check the file in the link below to be certain you are getting what you asked for and nothing more or less.
Check under additional information after the file has been analysed.

Kind regards.