Dragon problem with Facebook

Hello all, i’m sorry i’m posting here but i couldn’t find any related section :-\

Dragon is acting very strange lately when it comes to Facebook… Whenever i move to a different page (but within the facebook.com site), only the bottom menu appears (About, Carreers, Language etc) and nothing else - and sometimes other pieces of the page or nothing at all, then i gotta refresh to make the page display. And this happens always. I always need to refresh or click a link twice to view each page.

Also, it happens only when using Facebook in Greek. I tried with English (US) and English (UK), it works OK. This problem appeared about 2 weeks ago, so far it was always bug-free. I use Dragon v24.2 on Win XP SP2 system.

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Hi and welcome EUDIS,
Try it with Comodo SecureDNS disabled, malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS).
Found under pricacy in the advanced settings.
Advanced Settings


Hello again… I disabled secured DNS but unfortunately it still doesn’t work… Any more ideas?