Dragon portable is not portable anymore


I always used Dragon portable only and checked its “stealth” portability (It has always been stealth portable).

Now I’m testing Version (portable) and I found it that It’s no more portable; It writes to:




It’s been 13 days (as of this writing) since this thread was started; and it makes a pretty serious charge/complaint.

If it’s truly portable, then it CANNOT write to the hard drive or the registery. Period.

Why, in nearly two weeks, has this very serious matter not been responded to?

This topic is in a help board. It will more than likely not be seen by Comodo employees.

I advice topic starter to report this as a bug in Bug reports - CD following the instructions in How to Submit Bug Reports (read this if you want them fixed). That way it will get the needed exposure.

At HarpGuy. Please consider a less confrontational approach. Aggressively demanding a quick solution is not working; it may work against you.