Dragon Nuisance at reinstall

I had to uninstall CIS , to try something.

I tried to reinstall it and got "cannot install. File exists. So I used the (wonderful and SHOULD NOT BE NEEDED) clean up CIS tool.

Then I tried to install again. Same message. Then I realised that it was not CIS that was the problem. IT was Comodo Dragon.

Now we are forced to install both Dragon and another programme as well (I use neither) when installing CIS adn we are unable to uninstall the other two without uninstalling CIS (so THAT can be organised) , could it possibly be arranged that a reinstall is not hindered by these? If I am forced to install something, at least make it easier to reinstall your flagship without being messed about.

EDIT: Oh yeah it’s that daft geekbuddy thing. And when I uninstall Dragon I am asked to give feedback…NONE of the choices fit my problem. I hate to use the expression, but that IS lame. Needs an “Other”

You are not forced to install Dragon or GeekBuddy. During the installation process, click on “Customize Installer” [see 1st attached image] and then choose what you want to install [see 2d attached image]

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mmmmmmmmmmm…sort of a solution, don’t you think? If I have fallen for the default setting (as we do (because hey! we have all learned to TRUST COMODO),), then getting RID of the extraneous stuff is still a pis… nuisance.

Having done a default install (because hey! we have all learned to TRUST COMODO), try removing Dragon or geekbuddy. This is aggressive behaviour.

After a default install, if you don’t want a component just go to Start > All Programs > COMODO > COMODO Internet Security > Add and Remove Components. From there you can remove the components you don’t need.

I am in no way saying I like it, but a lot of modern free software will add unwanted extras by default.
Whatever you are installing it always pays to be watchful for extras and check custom installs.

I apologise if my senses are incorrect but I sensed some slight form of displeasure towards Boris 3 about his suggestion, if I am correct please remember Boris 3 is a General User just trying to help.
Edit: Rewording.

Sorry but that does not work as I see it. All I get is the option to tick/untick the AV portion and the FW section. However it did lead me to trying GeekBuddy and Dragon and they had uninstall capabilities. I think something has changed because only quite recently it was impossible to uninstall either without losing CIS as well. It would inform you they were interlocked and tuff.

My displeasure is not aimed at Boris 3 at all. It’s at the programme and the way it behaves.

I agree that more and more programmes are causing multi-installs. My beef is that having installed it, when I uninstall CIS, Dragon does not go as well, then stops me reinstalling itself when I try to install CIS. If I am going to be forced (and if there is an option now, it was not there a while back IIRC) then at least behave reasonably when I have to uninstall / reinstall. Dragon is behaving like a piece of clingy adware!

OK. I uninstalled and reinstalled just to check.

  • AFAICS, there is no choice about installing GB or Dragon when installing CIS.
  • The situation is a BIT better than it was, as you can now uninstall GB and Dragon without being threatened with the loss of CIS
  • When I uninstall and reinstall, at least the following happened
    • my default browser was changed from FireFox presumably to Dragon.
      = although when I uninstalled either Dragon or GB, I was taken to a website via Internet Explorer.
    • All or some of the folder views were changed from either List/Details, or Icons, to Tiles.
    • most of my email client software’s passwords disappeared.
      I do not know why it is happening, but it happened. IT happened last time as well. I just did not quite tie it in until I saw it again

Click the Customize Installer link when the installer starts. You’ll see the options to install, or not install both GeekBuddy and Dragon.

Ever since these two applications were added to the installer, you’ve always been able to uninstall them without affecting CIS.

If I recall correctly, the Dragon installer may ask if you want to use Dragon as your default browser. Just say no if you don’t want it to be your default.

The installers won’t change your folder views.

The installers definitely will not delete passwords from your email client…

If this is occurring during installation, it’s not the fault of the installers. Something else must be going on with your system.

Ok thanks and sorry,
I understand, I was just concerned because it could have been taken the wrong way. :).

There appears to be some strange behaviour on your system, please consider the advice I have posted here about checking for malware.

OK. I either just write off bothering with feedback or argue my case.

I can remember being told at least once, in the recent past, that I could not uninstall GB or Dragon without also losing CIS. Perhaps I am going senile. Or maybe it was possible using the Comodo uninstaller (although I am sure Programs Manager had the same message) but it was not possible for me to remove only GB or Dragon using any other uninstaller, at one stage.

I installed just a while ago (today) I was never asked if Dragon was to be my default That customise install is tiny. Not wanting to be used I reckon. I have never seen such an unbalanced default/custom setup outside of hidden-ware.

I am sure there may be something else going on, but that was what happened.

Look I am sorry I said anything. So far the ONLY thing that has not been addressed is my original complaint, that Dragon does not get uninstalled when I uninstall CIS, but then gets in the way when I try to reinstall.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be argumentative. I’m merely stating how the installer works, and has worked since the additional programs were added. If someone told you in the past that you couldn’t uninstall either of those programs without also uninstalling CIS, you were told incorrectly. They have always been able to be uninstalled separately.

As for your original issue, Dragon does not get uninstalled when you uninstall CIS because it is a separate application.

As for Dragon impeding a reinstall, I’ve never encountered this, and I’ve uninstalled/installed CIS hundreds of times in the course of testing various issues. (in fact, I’ve just tried it again to see if I could recreate your issue) Please note that I’m not saying this to infer that it isn’t happening in your case, merely that I’ve never seen it, and don’t know why it would be an issue, as it is a separate application. If it is happening to you, it’s a very abnormal situation.

As Captainsticks has mentioned, you may want to check for malware.