Dragon now monitored by CIS

Dragon version 10 like the previous versions could still not be monitored by Def+ even in paranoid mode. Dragon is still allowed to do whatever it wants without a single alert from Def+. When will the development team considers that it is a security hole?

Is this true with the CIS Firewall & Defense+ options Create rules for safe applications disabled?

Yes Kail, create rules for safe applications is disabled.

I opened a topic on this issue a few months ago. The only way to turn the problem was and still is to make a reverse rule for Dragon.exe ie block everything with the necessary exceptions to make it run. But then, you got lots of logs because Dragon is always trying to access, namely, the keyboard directly.

I had hope that the issue will be addressed by now, but it isn’t the case. Being a Comodo soft, Dragon is automatically granted the same rights than CIS and there is actually no way to change that. That’s the reason why I try again to draw the attention on the Staff on this issue.


Perhaps you should raise a CIS bug report. That should get some staff attention. :slight_smile:

I did fill a bug report a few months ago. I’ll keep remind them of the problem from time to time. :wink:

is dragon still not monitored since CIS 5.4 came out

Hi trscsaeg,

You are right.


YOUPI!!! ;D 88) :-*

Thank you Comodo, Melih and all the staff.