Dragon Naturally Speaking conflict?


I’m running Comodo version 3.13.125662.579 on Windows XP. On this computer I’m also running Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Nothing has changed in the Dragon configuration for a few years. I have also been running Comodo for about a year.

Just a few moments ago, Dragon crashed with a new and unknown error message that I unfortunately did not copy down.

I attempted to restart the computer and got a sequence of “not responding” messages referring to executables named popupsyncid, popupsyncid2, popupsyncid3, and popupsyncid4. I closed all of these, shut down, and restarted successfully.

A Google search yielded only one instance of those executable names, and it was on this Comodo board, referring to a conflict with another program (see https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_help/popupsyncid2-t38987.0.html), which is why I’m posting here. I know that I updated Comodo recently.

Have I correctly identified a new Comodo/NaturallySpeaking conflict and is there anything that can be done about it?

Thanks very much for your assistance.

See if you can catch the error DNS is giving next time it crashes.

OK - gotta say getting a little flustered!

I have a computer with Vista and Dragon Naturally Speaking - one day last summer/fall Dragon Naturally Speaking stopped working. Culprit DEFINITELY Comodo, as removing comodo made it work. Fine. I accepted it…with latest version of comodo now installed on that computer, Dragon started to work again…GREAT. ;D

Now I recently got a Windows 7 computer, installed dragon naturally speaking, installed comodo 4 (with online installer) and all was great…UNTIL today. My Dragon Naturally Speaking stopped working - it hangs on splash screen when starting it. >:( I removed comodo and Dragon Naturally Speaking works. Reinstalled Comodo (4.0.135239.742) and guess what - Dragon Naturally Speaking hangs again. On the Vista machine, with same version of comodo, no issues with Dragon Naturally Speaking (yet?)

Can we not find a solution here…there is definitely an issue between these two programs!

I have a laptop with XP and latest version of comodo and NEVER have there been issues between the 2 programs on that machine.

Hopefully the above will help the powers that be at Comodo…

I got the exact same problem yesterday on a client’s Dell Vostro 220 running Vista Professional SP2 with CIS 3.13.121240.587:

Installation of DNS 10.1 failed with an “invalid procedure” message. I tried disabling the AV module, then the Defense+ module, then both, to no avail. When called, Dragon support told us to completely uninstall CIS. We did, and DNS installed flawlessly. Then I reinstalled CIS, and DNS crashed after starting upon reboot. I uninstalled CIS again, and DNS worked like a charm.

I’m getting the exact same problem 50% cpu and stalls with at the splash screen On Win 7 64 bit.

Well why not add it to this list? https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/comodo-internet-security-4-and-application-incompatibility-problems-reporting-t52466.0.html

If a solution has not been posted try this:
In Defense+ goto
“Image Execution Control Settings”
click on “exclusions”
Add–>Browse–>Computer–>C–>Program Files–>Nuance–>NaturallySpeaking9or10–>Program–>natspeak.exe add to exclusion list and apply, apply, OK
Dragon Naturally Speaking now works for me. Vista/DNS9.5

My experience is that Comodo is not compatible with any version of Dragon Naturally Speaking and I have had to re-format 2 computers. I had to set DNS up on a stand alone computer so I can use the program, then transfer the dictated drafts over to my main computer to finish the editing process.

DNS customer support told me that COMODO has just issued a patch that corrects the problem, but I am not going to try it anytime soon unless someone has done it and can verify that it works.