Dragon is named after Steve Irwin

In February, 2007 Chester Zoo joined forces with BBC Newsround launching a competition for the general public to submit names to be chosen for one of Flora’s dragons. The results are now in…


(Funny how the hatching coincided with our release… Spooky.)






I have sent them my suggestion…
What name? Melih of course… ;D

How 'bout Trustix?

Just go there and get the mail address and send them your suggestion.
I have it here… dragons@chesterzoo.org
Trustix is nice… and Paulo too… ;D

Oh yeah, Paulo’s much better!



I made some new suggestions, and sent them another mail, and all I can say is, that most of admins and moderators got their name in there… ;D

I said they should name it after my wife - she’s jealous of Flora’s parthenogenic abilities! :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ha ha, good one Ewen, my wife is similarly jealous.