Dragon installs spyware / adware?

Dragon updated itself today on version 29.1. Since then I have these files. It still wants to connect to internet (restart_helper.exe). What “spyware” is it?

path c:/windows/temp/CMC_DRAGON and there is this - please have a look at the attachment

When I delete the whole folder (CMC_DRAGON) they are there very soon again and again they wants to go on the internet.

What is it?

[attachment deleted by admin]

I get this too and I’m very interesting in what they are, currently blocked them from doing anything until someone can explain what they are and what they do.


I think it’s the Comodo Message Center which was included in the latest version (CD 29.1)

In the same release thread they also explained how to disable it.

Thank you for your reply. I would be interested what (process, services, …) makes it again when it is deleted.

After latest update my active window (media player or full-screen game) is rolled down. But no other active dialog windows after that. I looked in active processes - restart_helper.exe was there. I checked it in Virus Total VirusTotal
Its clean.
But! Look in CCleaner in Autorun section - Google Chrome. It show one new extension, that didn’t exist in my CD in chrome://extensions/. Look here, it named Chrome In-App Payments service
Path to it: C:\Users\NAME_OF_USER\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\Extensions\nmmhkkegccagdldgiimedpiccmgmieda\
What ■■■■■■ PAYMENTS? Why i can’t see this exstension even in developer mode? Why my active window is rolled down?
I disabled this extension by CCleaner. CMC is bad thing. Just make it working correct or make button to disable it if user wants it.

Hi Polus,
The ‘Chrome In-App Payments service’ is not related to CMC or Comodo.
I do not know a lot about it, but I do know it is an inbuilt extension that comes with the Chromium base.
Chrome In-App Payments Service
What is Google Wallet?

In regards to CMC, I have created a wish to have the settings available through the GUI.

C:\Programs\Comodo\Dragon\restart_helper.exe was already there in Dragon 's previous versions.


It does not matter. But it did not make the problems that makes now - it also did not connect to the internet. Now it is treated as a spyware/adware. Now it is also in another folder. Have a look what I write in the first sentences - c:/windows/temp/CMC_DRAGON

Hi radek178,
The ‘restart_helper.exe’ service process works in combination with the ‘Dragon_updater.exe’ service and is used to relaunch the Browser after an update.

In regards to the temp CMC folder, I would imagine this to no longer be created if CMC is disabled.

Kind regards.
Edit: Corrected misleading word.

Hi Captainsticks,

thank you for your answer.

Does it mean it start dragon_updater.exe? But I do not see ‘restart_helper.exe’ in windows services.

Why does it still wants to connect to the internet and through port 8080? If it is for relaunch the browser after update, it creates after deleting again and again and still wants to go on the internet again and again?

It should be enough to connect once (if ever) and not again and again.

I do not want to attack to Dragon but the file seems to be very useless and annoying.

Dragon boast they do not snoop (spy) as Chrome and now it does something similar because it creates a hidden file (file is in TEMP folder) and I do not know what and where it sends somewhere.

I have only seen the restart_helper.exe process start during relaunch after an update, it maybe connecting at this time to register the new version, not certain for the reason.
If it is continuously starting and connecting, maybe something is corrupt with the install.
Edit: I edited my above post in case calling restart_helper.exe a service was misleading.

Have you disabled CMC to see if the CMC temp folder ceases to create and connect?

I know about switching off in the windows registry but I would better turn it off in the settings. Dragon did not need it for many versions so I do not understand why it needs now.

OK, thanks for explanations (Chrome In-App Payments service is not related to CMC). I must add some information to my last post on this thread: after disabling Chrome In-App Payments service by CCleaner, Comodo reset all settings (extensions was deleted too).
About CMC - this thing make some troubles because i didn’t see some visible processes in browser or OS still it working - only toggle screen to the desktop. But update was few days ago, so we need some solution with it in next version. Now just disable CMC in registry.

That’s weird. I don’t have CMC_Dragon folder in c:/windows/temp.

I do, on all 3PCs. It is described in the first comment.

I did read your first comment before my previous answer, but it remains that I don’t have a CMC_Dragon folder in c:/windows/temp. Also, in my case, restart_helper.exe doesn’t try to connect to the internet after Dragon 's installation is finished. But I don’t have an explanation for the difference between your system and mine.

I have W8 64b on 3 PCs and it is everywhere. Another PCs is with win 7 64b and it is there too. It means that I have it on all 5 PCs.

Hi Boris 3,
I have 1 out of 3 system that didn’t add the CMC registry entries and CMC is not active.
Maybe a small glitch during updating on some systems. :-\

Hi captainsticks,

Indeed, not only I don’t have the CMC_Dragon folder in c:/windows/temp but after checking, it appears that I don’t have either the CMC registry entries. And that is on 2 win 7 32bits machines and a win 8 32bits one. I downloaded the installer from Comodo site.
But I’ve MessageCenterDll.dll in C:\Programs\COMODO\Dragon.

Hi Boris 3,
It was also my Win 7 32-bit that didn’t get CMC added, it did get added to my Vista and XP both 32-bit.
Maybe it is a Win 7/8 bug. :-\

Hi radek178,
Upon a little further investigation I can see some relationship happening with CMC and restart_helper.exe process.
As to why it connects to the internet is only a speculation, but maybe it is now also used to check for new CMC messages.
Whatever the reason, I am sure nothing sinister is happening. :slight_smile:
Sorry I do not know any more about it.

Kind regards.