Dragon inc. Antivirus

Include virus scanning (local and/or cloud) when downloading files in Dragon. Also, use trusted software vendors to identify signed or rouge software before downloading (the user being prompted to download or not).

Ideal for users who only use Dragon for browsing and have their own internet security or antivirus software installed. This feature could be made available as an extension.


+1 if they have an cloud scan option inbuilt in the dragon itself

Great idea!!
+100 from me, too :-TU

+1 Great idea.

Google Chrome has something similar, but can be easily bypassed.

IE9’s SmartScreen is the best at the moment. Known malware is blocked.

For CD, not sure if TVL would be a good idea, but a Filter or similar (not a DNS though) would be great for non-CIS users.

we like the idea…watch this space :wink:

Proposed a long time ago >:-D


I think with a little bit of code FLS could be forced on downloads… there is CD with Comodo Cloud AV ;D
Then it will at least block what’s known blacklisted.

Too bad HeffeD didn’t like your idea. >:-D

What does that have to do with anything? ???