Dragon in Win 7 does not show Chinese text correctly in Tabs, Bookmarks Bar etc.

Dear Colleagues,

I downloaded Dragon from Best Internet Browser 2022 | Free Secure Web Browser last night (Jan 3). Right after installation (user profile in the same folder of the software folder) it was able to show Simplified Chinese text in:

  • Tabs
  • Bookmarks bar
  • Bookmarks text

correctly. However after restarting the machine, both:

  • Comodo Dragon
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

failed to show Simplified Chinese correctly in the areas mentioned above anymore. Instead of proper Chinese text, empty squares were being shown instead. Content of web pages in Chinese, however, can always be shown correctly both before and after the shutdown of the machine.

I noticed that if I go to Internet Options > Advanced in IE to perform some settings (not related to language), then restart the machine, both browsers can show Chinese again right after the machine was being restarted. However, the same issue will pop up after a second restart.

After the issue occurred I tried SRWare Iron (Portable version) which is also based on Chrome source code, it does not have the same issue with Chinese characters in Tabs and Bookmarks Bar.

I am using Windows 7 Home Edition with English as system locale. Please kindly take a look as it would be a pity not be able to use Comodo and related products because of this issue.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


The issue did not reproduce during testing so it may be triggered by some system specific variable.
Could you please tell us what extensions/plugins you have installed and if you have installed any Windows updates (language packs in particular) before or after installing Comodo Dragon.

Please add some screenshots with the issue as well.

Thank you for your support.


Attached please find screen captures of extension and plugins installed with Dragon.

There had been no change / update of language settings before / after the installation of Dragon.

I noticed that there are similar issues with Chrome itself being posted to the Google newsgroups.

Please check if source code from Google is causing the issue. Thanks.


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