dragon icon?

hello comodo forum,
I keep getting a comodo dragon icon appearing on my desktop.
ive removed the icon but one keeps appearing every now and then.
Is there any reason for this and can i stop it in anyway?
Kind regards. :frowning:

This is placed on the desktop every time Comodo Dragon updates.

sounds like automatic updates are enabled so when it updates a new icon appears

Thanks for the replies,
At least i know now
thought something weird was going on,
I presume i cannot stop the icon appearing every time?
Kind Regards. ;D

Hi Mrarnold,
Creating a desktop shortcut automatically has been discussed previously here.

If you would like this to be configurable with automatic updates, you might consider creating a wish in the Wishlist.
Adding a yes/no poll in the wishlist is always a good idea.

thank you captainsticks.
Much appreciated . :wink: :wink: