Dragon Exit

Win 7 64

When I close dragon it takes few secs to close. This doesn’t happen with IE & Google Chrome, etc… & they close instantly.

I have tried reinstalling & also observed the behavior with every upgrade i.e every new version & the prob remains.

It doesn’t matter if 1 tab or many tabs are opened, close takes few secs.

I think its a bug in CD.

Any one can confirm this?

Which Extensions do you have installed?
And what’s the setting for Settings, Advanced, Continue running background apps?

Try to start Dragon with all Extensions disabled and see if that makes a difference.

You could also monitor what it’s doing by using Process monitor from sysinternals, but that might be a bit of a scare.

i am having the same problem since v23 i think. I have tried disabled all extensions but dragon still takes a long time to close. It is also happening on my parents computer so it seems to be a bug.

I wonder if 64-Bit is the common factor or maybe some other common system hardware/software related factors involved?

I have V25.2 on 3 systems that all close instantly, XP/Vista/Win7 all 32-Bit.

From what I’ve seen, Dragon is still closing instantly on my 64 bit systems…

both my systems are 32 bit. The only thing that i can think of is they are both old computers. atleast 5 years. I know its not comodo firewall interfering since i currently dont have it installed. i wonder if its the clear history etc on exit. let me try disabling them.

Thanks guys, well that counts 64-Bit out.

I do not think it is an older system issue as my XP system is a 2003 model for memory.

wasgij6, you may have hit the nail on the head as I don’t have ‘clear at exit’ enabled at all.

i tried each option individually and “clear browing history” on exit is culprit. None of the other options caused the slow exit. So i guess this could be considered a bug? if so i can report it.

EDIT: just to confirm my suspicion, captain can you try enabling it and see if dragon takes a few seconds to close?


Hi wasgij6,
First up thanks for testing this. :slight_smile:

Yes confirmed, clear browing history does cause a few second delay here as well.
Well done. :-TU

Thanks :-TU

ill report it, issue resolved

Confirmed here too on both XP SP3 32 & Win 7 64 SP1.